Ingenious ingredients | 100% natural skincare

Ingenious ingredients | 100% natural skincare

Chinese Herbal Medicine proudly underpins everything we do. It fuels our passion for natural ingredients and guides our use of botanical actives, extracts and oils best suited for helping target and treat a host of modern-day skin conditions.

As a result, our specialised skincare solutions are, on average, 95% natural – a quality all our customers value in their quest to care for, condition and protect their skin without any synthetic colour, fragrance, preservative or petrochemical.

With some formulas, we take this natural commitment further, promising you the kindest, cleanest and purest plant-powered products. Here, we share a spotlight on 13 Dermatology M topical treatments that are nothing but 100% natural. 

  1. Rejuvenating Face Oil
    Ultra-rich and luxurious, yet not at all greasy on skin, Rejuvenating Face Oil is the new go-to to revive dry, dull, pigmented or mature skin. Its powerfully age-defying formula combines Bakuchiol and Vitamin E with organic Rosehip and Hemp Oils to intensely nourish, smooth, strengthen and brighten.

  2. Anti-Acne Face Oil
    With its all-natural blend of Bakuchiol, Prickly Pear Seed and organic Rosehip Oil, Anti-Acne Face Oil is here to overturn the myth that those with oily or spot-prone skin shouldn’t use oils. Non-greasy, non-pore-blocking and fast acting, this expert blend works hard to harmonise skin sebum, minimise pores, clear breakouts and boost brightness. 

  3. Brightening Face Tincture
    Naturally calming and clarifying, Brightening Face Tincture helps boost and brighten dull or hyperpigmented skin with its soothing, stimulating blend of Redroot, Angelica and Arnebia Extracts with Dong Quai and Red Sage. Ideal for experiences of melasma or chloasma, our targeted tincture works to stimulate cell micro-regeneration to restore a more even tone and natural glow.

  4. Softening Psoriasis Shampoo
    Dermatologically designed for scalps, beards or other hairy areas prone to psoriasis, massage a little of our low-lathering Softening Psoriasis Shampoo into affected areas and, for best results, leave on for 10-15 minutes before rinsing away. Rich in natural adaptogens, antioxidants, anti-inflammatories and anti-bacterials, this special shampoo combines plaque clearing Dong Chong Xia Cao (or Cordyceps), calming Amur Cork and Huang Qi, plus purifying Ginseng. Dandruff clears, scaly skin is regulated and soft, soothed, noticeably healthier skin is restored. 

  5. Soothing Eczema Ointment
    With powerfully soothing Huang Lian, Qing Dai and He Hi, alongside deeply conditioning organic Beeswax and Sesame Seed Oil, Soothing Eczema Ointment helps calm, replenish and strengthen skin prone to eczema. Rich in natural antioxidants, anti-inflammatories and anti-bacterials, it’s also wonderfully versatile – suitable for the face, body, hands or feet.

  6. Moisturising Lip Balm
    Easy to forget about yet important all year round, turn to our so-called ‘miracle pot’ of plant-powered goodness, Moisturising Lip Balm, for the very best in natural lipcare. Combining Redroot Extracts, Bisabolol and Vitamin E, it swiftly soothes chapped skin, helps stimulate cell regeneration and restore soft, smooth lips.

  7. Rosacea Face Tincture
    Discover the difference the right ingredients make to how rosacea-prone skin looks and feels. A specialised combination of Liu Huang, Monnier’s Snowparsley, Rhubarb Extract and Huang Qin, Rosacea Face Tincture works on even the most sensitive of complexions. Purifying, soothing and hydrating, it helps clear the toxins associated with rosacea, reduce redness and restore clearer, calmer skin.

  8. Nourishing Psoriasis Cream
    With soothing White Turmeric Oil and deeply conditioning organic Beeswax, Nourishing Psoriasis Cream helps quickly ease the dryness and discomfort of skin prone to psoriasis. What’s more, it’s reassuringly versatile – suitable for the face, body, hands or scalp… no surprise then that it soon became a bestseller.

  9. Softening Tincture for Scalp Psoriasis
    With soothing herbal extracts Ku Shen and San Leng alongside conditioning Monnier’s Snowparsley and Larch, Softening Tincture for Scalp Psoriasis brings swift relief to scalps. Expertly blended, this unique combination is designed to help clear the heat and bacteria associated with psoriasis, calm itchy, inflamed skin and replenish dryness.

  10. Softening Psoriasis Night Ointment
    Don’t let the itching, inflammation or dry discomfort of psoriasis trouble you at night. Smooth Softening Psoriasis Night Ointment over affected skin on your hands or body and let our expert combination of calming Amur Cork, Skullcap Root and Qing Dai extracts with Dong Quai, Rhubarb and Redroot soothe while you sleep.

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