Our Promise

Dermatology M is available exclusively from our online store and approved dermatological practitioners. Proudly designed and handmade by us in the UK, our cruelty-free, natural formulas deliver dermatological expertise, the finest botanical ingredients and the best in modern dermatological science at an accessible price.

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The right products and routine make all the difference to your skin health. Identify core concerns, determine skin condition and reveal your personal Dermatology M recommendations with our simple online skin analysis tool.

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Rooted In Chinese Herbal Medicine

Delivering ancient solutions to modern skincare needs, the noble healing system of Chinese Medicine proudly underpins our brand, philosophy and products.

•   Chinese Medicine sees our mind and body as intrinsically connected

•   Millennia of use and results lie behind every extract and combination

•   Distinct botanical combinations are designed to treat visible symptoms and underlying imbalances