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Over three decades of study, specialism, clinical practice, obsession and diligence… bottled. Discover our unique story.

The Making of Dermatology M

While our virtual doors may have only recently opened, our story began over three decades ago. 

Returning to London as a Doctor of Chinese Medicine in the late 1980s, our founder, Mazin Al-Khafaji, opened a skin clinic and assisted in a dermatological trial for patients with severe atopic eczema. The ointment he crafted for the trial went on to deliver never-before-seen results. The power of Chinese Medicine was now realised in the West. 

Continued study and success saw Mazin become a world-renowned dermatologist and authority on Chinese Medicine. In 1998, he extended his skin clinic and opened the Avicenna Clinic and Dispensary in Sussex, England, treating patients with serious skin conditions using ointments and creams handmade on site. Global demand for these trailblazing treatments grew… the time had come to make them accessible to all and Dermatology M was launched beyond the realm of our clinic clients in 2020.

We live for results, securing the quality and efficacy of our formulas by sourcing and importing every raw herb ourselves before formulating on our own premises. We create skincare beyond conventional creams – authentic, modern formulas that meet the unique needs of today’s skincare customer. We look forward to sharing more with you.

Protect. Condition. Care.

Proudly designed and formulated by us in the UK, every cream, ointment, lotion and tincture we create is designed to protect, condition and care for skin, on the face, scalp and body, restoring its health, balance and natural beauty. 

Chinese Herbal Medicine underpins all we do and we passionately believe in the remarkable results of natural ingredients – especially so for those experiencing skin conditions such as Acne, Eczema, Psoriasis, or Rosacea. Our formulas are, therefore, on average 95% natural, cruelty-free and free from synthetic colours, fragrances, preservatives, petrochemical substances and steroids.

Using organic ingredients wherever possible, we utilise the latest extraction methods, resulting in the purest and most effective concentrations of natural actives in our blends. Every batch is handmade, tested and fine-tuned on our own premises. 

The results of these efforts speak for themselves. We hope you enjoy experiencing the difference that is Dermatology M.

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