Our Sustainability Promise

From the ingredients we source to the packaging we use, we recognise the impact we have on our environment and are committed to minimising this however we can.

There is no planet B. Quite simply, diminishing natural resources and the proliferation of plastic waste are crises none of us can ignore. Here at Dermatology M, our efforts are focussed on constantly evolving and improving our sustainable, responsible and eco-friendly credentials. 

Our Packaging

Our formulas are highly natural and very delicate, meaning extra care needs to be taken to protect both its stability and efficacy. Our packaging priorities, therefore, focus on sustainability, functionality and compatibility. 

We use glass packaging for a small selection of products, solely because material incompatibility of these particular formulas requires it. Yes, glass is recyclable, but we are very conscious of its weight and much higher carbon footprint, and therefore only use it when absolutely necessary.

Our remaining jars and bottles are made of High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE), Polypropylene (PP) or Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) – all of which are fully recyclable materials. What’s more, these materials are lightweight yet strong, thermo-stable, waterproof and both shatter and weather resistant.

We remain on top of industry innovations and are currently trialling and testing primary packaging made from 75-100% post-consumer recycled plastic (PCR). We look forward to sharing our progress with you soon.

When it comes to our bags, cartons and leaflets, all the paper and card we use is 100% recyclable and degradable. However, we also appreciate that new, rather than recycled, cardboard and paper only adds to sustainability issues. Our paper bags are therefore made from 100% recycled material while, for online orders, our inner and outer packaging is made from 75% recycled cardboard. Finally, any leaflets you receive from us are printed on FSC certified stock known as ‘bible paper’ – a material made of 25% flax and linen, making it especially strong yet lightweight. 

Our Ingredients

Beyond packaging, there is also the very important matter of eco-friendly and sustainable ingredients. Though wastewater passes through treatment plants, certain surfactants and synthetic fragrances are unable to be removed entirely and therefore risk entering and polluting our seas. Thankfully, we have never and will never include such ingredients in our formulas.