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5 Skin Tips for Maturing Skin

5 Skin Tips for Maturing Skin

We at Dermatology M believe that ageing is a privilege. However, a life well lived can sometimes leave unwelcome signs on our skin. The main thing to remember is that although ageing is inevitable, loss of radiance, dehydration and premature fine lines are not.

Our founder Dr.Mazin Al-Khafaji shares advice on awakening the skin at any age. Here’s how to shed years off your face and emerge refreshed.

1. Replace your lipids

We require a healthy balance of water and oil to keep our skin barrier strong, supple, and free from irritation. As we age, the water and fatty compounds called lipids start to decrease.

We created our 100% natural Rejuvenating Face Oil to help strengthen the skin, stimulate collagen, and increase cell renewal. This regenerating complex contains a matrix of age-defying actives including antioxidant Bakuchiol (a natural retinol alternative), Vitamin E, organic Rosehip and Hemp Oils. Massage a few drops into the skin both morning and night to boost lipids and restore a youthful glow.

2. Lock in the actives

The last step of your routine should always be a moisturiser. Moisturisers act as a protective layer which prevents water loss and seals in the active ingredients of the skincare used underneath it.

We have two age-defying moisturisers that we recommend depending on the conditions your skin is experiencing.

Rose Otto Face Cream uses a dynamic blend of actives to help boost cell renewal, even skin tone and reduce wrinkles. A powerful blend of Rose Otto, Bakuchiol and organic Rosehip Oil work together to improve elasticity and reveal a glowing complexion. Suitable for all skins, even the most hypersensitive.

Skin Repair Face Cream helps restore skin health. Designed to target and soothe inflamed skins, this nourishing moisturiser balances maturing complexions. Safflower Seed and Apricot Oils calm and cool irritation while Organic Sea Buckthorn smooths fine lines and wrinkles.

The skin on our body needs attention too. Slow the ageing process with our versatile Nourishing Cream. Containing a specialised blend of Evening Primrose, Chamomile and Bisabolol, discomfort is diminished and neglected skin is revitalised.

“Diet, stress, pollutants, and pharmaceuticals can leave us looking a lot older than we truly are. Our formulas influence the skin on a cellular level and have a profound effect on the skin’s ageing process. With the right blend of Chinese herbs, we can repair chronic dehydration and irritation, leaving the skin plump and supple.”
Dr.Mazin Al-Khafaji, Dermatology M founder

3. Healthy life, healthy skin

It’s no secret that the better we feel, the better we look. The appearance of our skin often reflects our internal health. To boost your skin health from the inside, we recommend prioritising sleep, eating a colourful balanced diet, and aiming to keep your cortisol levels low. Excess stress leads to excess cortisol which in turn leads to inflammation of the body and skin. When stressed, we also tend to frown. Keep calm to reduce worry lines!

4. Remember your hands!

Hands are the most hardworking part of our bodies and are often the most neglected. They’re regularly exposed to harsh weather, drying soaps, and cleaning chemicals – all of which age our hands.

Keep deeply moisturising Rose Otto Hand Cream close by for whenever hands feel tight or dry. Rich in Hemp Seed, Lily Bulb and precious Rose Otto oils, apply regularly for soft, supple skin.

5. Protect, protect, protect

It is important to defend your skin from the elements in every season. Exposure to harsh winds, cold temperatures and UV rays can cause discolouration, rosacea and wreak havoc on collagen levels. Apply a broad spectrum SPF50+ to the face, neck and décolleté at least once a day to shield your skin and prevent premature ageing.

To find the ideal skin routine for your specific ageing concern, contact our Customer Service Team here.

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