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Spotlight On | Sensitive Skin

Spotlight On | Sensitive Skin

At some point in life, almost all of us experience sensitive skin.

Dryness, irritation and inflammation are all provoked by a host of causes – seasonal or life change, exposure to pollution, allergens and reactions to chemicals, medicines or dermatological treatments such as steroid creams. Not forgetting also more concerning conditions stemming from birth or occurring as a result of health or hormonal change (prevalent conditions being Atopic Dermatitis, Psoriasis and Eczema).

It’s a truly challenging condition and those of you experiencing it will know all too well there’s no ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution for sensitive skin care. Whether for the face, body or scalp, you long for cleansers and creams that restore comfort, calm and resilience. Yet introducing new products into your regime often exacerbates the issue, inducing a chain reaction of red, dry and broken skin unable to shield itself from toxins and irritants, thus causing further havoc.

For the purposes of focus, this article concentrates on facial skincare and, while there may not be a single sensitive skin solution, our carefully designed, handmade formulations do offer the ability to tailor a treatment plan to your particular needs. Organic where possible and free from artificial colour, preservatives, petrochemical substances or steroids, they gently yet effectively calm, condition and protect, restoring healthy skin condition.

A preparatory word of advice? Resist the temptation to change everything right away. Gradual introduction is key for such a delicate skin type. 

Caring for sensitive and very dry skin

Whatever your choice of cleanser, use only cool or tepid water to rinse it away. Hot or very warm water, as well as flannel or muslin cloths, can exacerbate sensitive skin.

As an added protective barrier or to treat already reactive skin, apply a nourishing and gently refining treatment. We recommend Cleanse & Clear Mask. This antioxidant and vitamin-rich formulation boasts an impressive listing of intense oils, butters and extracts, including Sesame Seed and Peach Kernel oils, Shea Nut and Cocoa Seed butters, plus Aloe Vera. The result? The skin mantle is strengthened and repair boosted; skin feels instantly rehydrated, smoother and softer, while also looking noticeably brighter.

Once your cleanser or mask is rinsed away, soak a cotton pad in Softening Tincture for Scalp Psoriasis and press lightly onto particular area(s) of concern. Relieving irritation and bringing replenishing relief to affected areas, this tonic is specially formulated with soothing Sophora and Monnier's Snowparsley extracts, re-energising Japanese Knotweed Extract plus hydrating Japanese Larch Extract.

Follow by massaging Nourishing Cream into skin. With its profoundly soothing and protecting infusion of antioxidant Sesame Seed Oil, calming Jojoba Seed Oil and nourishing Shea Nut Butter – among many other notable extracts – it comes as no surprise this moisturiser is our bestselling emollient.

Explore our complete hyper-sensitive skin care collection here.

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