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Spotlight on | Honeysuckle Cleanser

Spotlight on | Honeysuckle Cleanser

Cleansing. The most basic step in our daily skincare routine and something we really don’t often dwell on.

Yet find the right cleanser and you will quickly understand the very powerful role it plays in combatting skin concerns and keeping complexions conditioned, protected and healthy.

Here, we shine a spotlight on our bestselling Honeysuckle Cleanser. Suitable for all skin types, even hyper-sensitive skin and especially combination or oily complexions prone to acne and breakouts, it really is the unsung hero of your skincare routine.

"I’ve been using this face wash every morning for a few weeks now and I am in love! I have combination skin and it leaves my skin looking and feeling really clear and smooth. I can’t live without it now, I’m hooked!"
Layla, Dermatology M customer

Natural care to regain balance and comfort

As a brand committed to harnessing the power of renowned Chinese herbs and natural actives, there was never a question that Honeysuckle Cleanser would contain the usual cleansing ingredients found in more conventional face washes.

Diligent research into the very best ingredients for these skin concerns was carried out. Due to concerns around how synthetic foaming agents SLS and SLES can strip skin of its natural moisture, we selected naturally derived cleansers made from Coconut and sustainable Palm Oils, which effectively clear pores and remove dirt and makeup without leaving skin tight or uncomfortable.

We also chose Honeysuckle Extract for its soothing qualities – a very welcome benefit for those of us experiencing the discomfort of eczema, rosacea or hyper-sensitivity, as well as the heat of acne. Furthermore, Palmarosa Essential Oil provides lightweight hydration, ensuring skin feels soft and supple after washing, while organic Rose Geranium and Sweet Orange Oils both help naturally rebalance skin oils and leave your freshly cleansed complexion radiant.

“I suffer from really dry patches on my cheeks, as well as eczema on my eyelids and just under my eyes. Since discovering your Honeysuckle Cleanser, my skin feels so soft and the sensitive, sore skin around my eyes has gone.”
Katie, Dermatology M customer

Combination, oily and acne-prone skin, meet your new go-to cleanser

When our skin is oily and we’re trying to eliminate excess sebum, it’s often tempting to reach for synthetic foaming cleansers to overcome this fast. Yet doing so can upset skin’s balance more than ever, leaving skin feeling taut while causing sebaceous glands to produce more oil in response. With Honeysuckle Cleanser, we settled on a gel-based cleansing formula – light, refreshing and especially well suited to skin that is oily or blemish-prone.

In addition to the calming, harmonising and conditioning botanicals mentioned above, Honeysuckle Cleanser also contains Wild Chrysanthemum Extract – prized for many years in Traditional Chinese Medicine for its ability to cool the heat associated with acne and breakouts.

“I’ve suffered from bad breakouts for years. Since starting to use this cleanser though, my skin is already looking and feeling much better. Thank you!”
Sarah, Dermatology M Customer

Creating the perfect canvas

“Equip yourself with the right cleanser and you’re on the right path to make the most out of the treatment formulas that follow.”
Mazin Al-Khafaji, Dermatology M Founder

As simple as cleansing seems, it’s actually a rather crucial step in determining how much your skin will benefit from what you apply afterwards. Whether you’re looking to smooth and firm skin, boost brightness, clear spots or just clean without inflaming sensitive patches, your cleanser must purify and smooth skin sufficiently to ensure active ingredients can pass through the epidermis.

Honeysuckle Cleanser is your perfect cleansing partner. Its soft gel glides comfortably over skin as it is massaged in; gently drawing away excess oils, makeup and the toxins found in daily dirt and pollution that would otherwise block pores and compromise skin health. What’s left behind is a beautifully clean, refreshed and calmer complexion, ready to make the most of the skin health benefits of the targeted creams and ointments that follow. What’s more, Honeysuckle Cleanser's natural and pleasantly sweet aroma makes your morning and evening cleanse a pleasurable experience.

“This face wash makes my skin happy. It has really helped soothe my eczema, along with your Nourishing Cream. Finally, my face feels refreshed and comfortable!”
Lucy, Dermatology M Customer

Proudly made by us in the UK

Designed in our in-house Sussex-based lab, then produced in our own factory down the road, we couldn’t have been happier with the results offered by Honeysuckle Cleanser… and neither can many of you judging by its bestseller status.

Find out more about bestselling Honeysuckle Cleanser and purchase it here.

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