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Spot Treatment Gel | Our on-the-spot solution

Spot Treatment Gel | Our on-the-spot solution

Despite our very best efforts – a dedicated skincare routine, drinking plenty of water and not over-indulging in the wrong foods – spots seem to be an inevitability for so many.

Whether they arrive during a hormonal spell, following a few late nights and overwrought days or even stay put in the form of acne or pustular rosacea, breakouts can be both incredibly uncomfortable and very disheartening.

Our secret weapon?

Spot Treatment Gel. Expertly formulated for combination or oily skin prone to spots, acne and even pustular rosacea, this toning treatment really does pack a powerful punch in the battle against breakouts. 

Clear and calm

Of course, those experiencing acne aren’t alone. In our blog ‘What causes acne?’, we reveal it’s actually the most common skin concern, with the NHS reporting that a staggering 95% of people aged 11-30 are affected by acne, as are 3% of people age 35 and over. 

Unfortunately, there is no instant fix for spots of any size and type. There is, however, a lot that can be done to bring rapid relief to symptoms and speed up the healing process. 

…For those concerned though that our specialised spot treatment will leave skin feeling stripped, worry not. It’s actually a common misconception that spots should be dried out, along with excess skin sebum on combination or oily skin. The best solution for this skin concern, in fact, lies in gently calming, rebalancing and revitalising – hence our choice of very particular natural actives when formulating Spot Treatment Gel.

“I can honestly say my spots heal and clear up so much quicker with your spot treatment than with any other product I’ve used before - I’m absolutely thrilled!"
Amy, Dermatology M customer

Small yet mighty

Despite its diminutive 15ml size, we pack a lot into a pot of Spot Treatment Gel. 97% natural, it combines a myriad of renowned Chinese herbs and active botanicals all purposefully chosen by us to target and treat spots and excess skin oil. 

The game-changer comes in the form of a natural source of Alpha Hydroxy Acids: A complex of lactic, glycolic, citric, malic and tartaric acids derived from Sugar Cane, Sweet Orange, Lemon, Sugar Maple and Blueberry Extracts; all helping to stimulate cell renewal, dissolve dead skin cells, clear pores and boost collagen synthesis. Supporting this powerfully revitalising complex is soothing organic Tea Tree Oil and Aloe Vera, toning organic Lavender Essential Oil and rejuvenating ProVitamin B5 – ideal for keeping skin conditioned. 

The result? In no time, you’ll notice inflammation ease, redness diminish, blemishes clear and a smoother, more harmonised complexion return. The added advantage – our fast-acting skin treat is completely clear, meaning you can comfortably and confidently reapply throughout the day without worrying about it showing up. 

“I tend to get hormonal spots and have found that, after using this treatment, they disappear far quicker than they ever did before. I also love that it is clear in colour, so I can easily apply it several times a day without worrying about it showing up on my skin."
Ella, Dermatology M customer

Multi-tasking marvel

Soon after launch, it came to light that Spot Treatment Gel wasn’t only effective at alleviating spots. Thanks to the naturally anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial qualities of Aloe Vera and organic Tea Tree, this soothing treat also works wonders on paper cuts, hangnails, shaving nicks and minor scrapes. Be sure to keep a handy pot in your bathroom, bag and desk drawer for on-the-go relief.

"I can't live without a constant supply of this wherever I am. Spots, paper cuts, torn cuticles - I get instant relief for all of those and more!"
Layla, Dermatology M customer

As with all our formulas, Spot Treatment Gel is designed and produced by us here in the UK Find out more about this specialised spot treatment gel and purchase it here.

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