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No ordinary nourisher | Nourishing Cream

No ordinary nourisher | Nourishing Cream

Since day one, it’s been our mission to bring you the very best in natural and results-driven skincare, creating formulas that care, condition and protect your skin.

We couldn’t be prouder of every product in our range, though there are inevitably some that stand out a little more… such as our bestselling and now award-winning Nourishing Cream.

Here, we shine a spotlight on this notable nourishing cream, explaining why its distinct ingredients, prized benefits and versatile qualities have made it such an indispensable asset in your skincare routine.

“I've had really dry patches on my legs – this cream really helps, plus it makes my skin so soft and supple. The texture is super-luxurious, the results are instant. It's my new beauty cabinet essential!”
Tracy, Dermatology M customer

Nature’s finest nourisher

Our long-established commitment to helping those with the most specialist skin concerns meant that Nourishing Cream was never going to be a run-of-the-mill moisturiser. In addition to softening, replenishing and smoothing, this formula also needed to bring lasting comfort to those prone to hyper-sensitivity, eczema, dermatitis or psoriasis; helping strengthen and protect skin against the drying, damaging effects of the lifestyle and environmental aggressors we expose it to every day.

Nourishing Cream’s rich conditioning quality comes from a particular selection of antioxidants vitamins A and E plus fatty acid-rich organic Evening Primrose and Safflower Seed oils, the latter cold-pressed to preserve benefits and efficacy. Aloe Vera, Chamomile, Redroot and Bisabolol are also added for their considerable calming benefits.

What is perhaps most special about this beauty bestseller is the superbly soothing and moisturising action of a very particular oil complex that we use in the formula. This unique blend includes select botanicals, along with hero herb Zi Cao (or Arnebia). Indigenous to China, Zi Cao has long been used in Chinese Medicine to help clear heat, cool the blood, release fire toxins and provide an anti-inflammatory action to skin prone to eczema or dermatitis. To be absolutely certain that we optimise the skin benefits and synergistic action of this oil complex for dry and distressed skin, we extract and infuse it ourselves in our own laboratory, creating a very precise and effective concentration – something we’re especially proud of.

92% natural and gentle enough for use on the face and body of every single skin type – even delicate baby skin and during pregnancy – we couldn’t have been more thrilled with Nourishing Cream’s finished formula. It turns out we aren’t the only ones…

“An amazing all-rounder”

 “I have dry skin and psoriasis, which used to flare up quite aggressively before using Dermatology M. I really like this cream as it instantly soothes after washing and immediately makes my skin far less irritable.”
Matt, Dermatology M customer

“Such a great product for when your skin needs a boost of hydration, it provides such a gorgeous radiant finish to the skin! It’s like a glass of water for the skin."
Ana, Dermatology M customer

…And now an award winner

In March 2021, we were thrilled Nourishing Cream was honoured with its first award in the Hip & Healthy Beauty Awards. Voted Best For Mother & Baby, the judging panel called it ‘a must-have for all mums and little ones’, commending how it ‘packs a serious hydrating punch and helps ease dryness and discomfort, reduce inflammation, and strengthen and protect even the most sensitive of skins’.

“As a first time mum with a newborn, I don’t have the time to commit to a multi-step routine that helps me look half alive and that soothes my and my little one’s skin. So all I can say is THANK YOU Dermatology M for making my life so much easier. If I’m having a day where I’m lucky if I get to brush my teeth, I know that just using this cream will totally transform my face. Plus, it works wonders on my little one’s dry, sore patches. I’d be lost without it.”Hip & Healthy Editor

As with all our formulas, Nourishing Cream is designed and produced by us here in the UK. Discover more five-star customer testimonials and purchase it here.

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