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My skin story | Defeating rosacea

My skin story | Defeating rosacea

Via Instagram tags, Facebook post replies and website testimonials, we love hearing your stories of finally beating serious skin concerns with our specialised, herbal formulas.

Whether lifelong skin issues or sudden arising conditions, you’ve suffered complete frustration in finding nothing worked…until now.

Josie’s skin story

I considered myself very lucky through my teens and into adulthood. I’d never suffered acne and my skin had always been really good. I loved nothing more than going for a facial and took pride in using a quality skincare routine that helped me reduce any signs of ageing.

This all changed when I caught Covid for the third time. The rash that had developed on my face the last time I’d had Covid reappeared. Previously it cleared once I'd recovered. This time it didn’t.

For months, my face was completely covered in red, inflamed, itchy spots - they were so bad, they were more like sores, spreading behind my ears and down to my chest. My skin was a mess, my confidence took a huge knock and I felt very self-conscious when outside my home, as people would stare at my skin.

I was desperate for a cure and saw my GP, who unhelpfully advised it was probably due to my age. At 42, I was apparently ‘reaching that time in my life’. Adult acne rosacea was diagnosed and an antibiotic cream was prescribed. I also cut out alcohol, chocolate and spicy food, plus tried every skincare product I could find that promised to solve my condition. Nothing worked.

In July, I went on holiday and my skin got a whole lot worse, breaking out in huge sores due to the heat of the sun. As a result, there are hardly any holiday photos of me.

Once home, I saw an advert for Dermatology M. The reviews looked great, though I really didn’t hold out much hope, having been let down by so many other skincare brands.

I ordered Rosacea Face Tincture and Rosacea Face Cream. Within 24 hours, the redness reduced. Four days later, there were significant improvements in how my skin looked and felt. I went on to purchase Honeysuckle Cleanser and Spot Treatment Gel… and the benefits continued.

Quite simply, I loved using these products. They made my skin feel so good and I was amazed by how fast they improved my condition - honestly, I can’t describe the difference I experienced. What’s more, the fact that the products are natural is an extra bonus, ensuring I feel completely confident about using them.

So, after months of hell it took just a few short weeks to go from utter devastation about my skin to almost completely getting my clear skin back! I cannot thank you enough.

If you’re troubled by the redness, irritation and inflammation associated with rosacea, find cooling, calming care in our collection of specialised rosacea products here.

Have a skin story you’d like to share? We’d love to hear it - please get in touch.

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