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Men’s skincare | GQ’s most recommended

Men’s skincare | GQ’s most recommended

All our formulas are dermatologist-designed to work for men’s and women’s skin, focussing specifically on helping resolve the serious skin concerns they both experience.

It’s fair to note though that men’s skin is rather different from women’s; it’s thicker (by a rather considerable 25%), tougher, oiler and more prone to suffering longer-term acne.

Certain products, therefore, standout more than others as daily routine must-haves. Conscious of this, GQ’s top team of grooming editors regularly put countless brands and blends through their paces in a bid to find first-rate formulas that clear excess sebum and blocked pores, tackle rough, dry patches and conquer scalp issues caused by constant styling product build-up. Their no-fuss, fast-results grooming routine of choice? Dermatology M. Here are their handpicked men’s essentials, for his healthiest ever skin.

  1. Honeysuckle Cleanser | Best men’s face wash

    “Suitable for all skin types but particularly beneficial for combination to oily, it helps rebalance sebum production… uses natural cleansers to effectively remove impurities [and] hydrates, so is ideally suited to regular sufferers of acne.” GQ

    A top quality face wash is the foundation of healthy, protected and cared for skin. And, with its purifying, rebalancing and soothing qualities, our bestselling face wash contributes in abundance towards this grooming goal. Free of soap, SLS and parabens, use morning and evening to effectively clear dirt and excess sebum without leaving skin feeling parched, dry or uncomfortable. Great groundwork for the next step in your daily routine.

  2. Cleanse & Clear Face Mask | Best skin pick-me-up

    “Engineered with a powerful blend of AHAs, papaya and rhubarb extracts, this clarifying face mask effectively unblocks congested pores whilst detoxifying, smoothing and refining.” GQ

    Masks may be a relatively new addition to recommended men’s skincare routines, but the experts at GQ know all too well how the secret to seriously fresh, clear and energised skin comes from using a fast-acting face treatment every 2-3 days. In a mere 15 minutes, our 92% natural powerhouse of herbal actives gets to work, unblocking pores, removing dead skin cells, detoxing skin and soothing spots.

  3. Nourishing Cream | Best anti-ageing men’s moisturiser

    "Nourishing Cream is a versatile and replenishing emollient that will help restore skin elasticity. Packed with actives that are rich in antioxidants, anti-inflammatories, vitamins and essential fatty acids… it tackles severe dehydration, known to accelerate the ageing process.” GQ

    Men’s normally oilier skin means moisturising is a skincare step many skip. Over time however, exposure to pollutants, UV and drying office air-conditioning systems (not to mention advancing age) mean fine lines, sensitivities and rough texture start to creep in. Press pause on these premature ageing signals with our no.1 Nourishing Cream. 92% natural and free of silicones, parabens or petrochemicals, it quickly sinks into skin, delivering its hydrating, calming, smoothing and elasticity-boosting benefits fast. The added bonus? It’s a brilliant body moisturiser too.

  4. Softening Psoriasis Shampoo | Best men’s shampoo

    “100% natural, its healing properties effectively soothe itchy, scaly or inflamed skin. Low-foaming, softening and soothing, this purifying SOS shampoo can also be used on beards.” GQ

    Hair and scalp issues are something men are frustratingly very familiar with. Yet, despite this, daily hair washing is something so many passively perform. Stepping up your haircare routine with a higher quality, targeted formula can make all the difference… and GQ picked out our all-natural shampoo as one of the very best. Free of synthetic cleansers or silicones, it clears troublesome flakes and effectively cleans away styling product build-up, dirt, pollutants or excess oils without stripping hair or scalp, helping you hold on to thicker, softer, more manageable hair.

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