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Dr Mazin’s top tip for each skin concern

Dr Mazin’s top tip for each skin concern

Whether troubled by acne, eczema, pigmentation, psoriasis or rosacea, managing any skin concern can be a minefield.

A quick online search unearths an often overwhelming amount of information, products and practices, while your condition’s tendency for sudden, unexpected itching or inflammation, dryness or flare-ups can leave you at a loss of what to do best.

Having specialised in the most serious skin concerns for over 40 years, here our founder, Dr Mazin, shares his no.1 tip for each condition. Simple, effective, accessible, it’s his route to swiftly take back control of your concern and reinstate calmer, more comfortable skin.


"Quite simply, with eczema, never let your skin dry out. If you do, inflammation will persist and worsen. Keep skin soothed and nourished throughout the day as much as possible.”

Mazin’s pick | Nourishing Cream
Alongside your specific eczema topical, regularly reapply our intensely soothing moisturiser wherever symptoms appear. We load this eczema care award winner with Vitamin E, Redroot, Zi Cao, Aloe Vera, Chamomile, organic Evening Primrose Oil and more - all rich sources of essential antioxidants, anti-inflammatories, vitamins and fatty acids. The result? It instantly calms and clears heat, replenishing, revitalising and smoothing skin while helping strengthen the natural moisture barrier to boost protection from future flare-ups.


“Routine maintenance is a must-have. This concern is chronic and cyclical so, even if symptoms ease, keep using your treatment to maintain calm and prevent further flare-ups.”

Mazin’s pick | Nourishing Psoriasis Cream
Formulated for the face, scalp, hands and body, our deeply soothing and softening cream is ideal for keeping psoriasis flare-ups at bay, all while boosting barrier protection. A 100% natural blend of White Turmeric Root Oil and organic Beeswax, it’s designed to help dissipate the blood stasis patterns of psoriasis and strengthen compromised skin - ideal for maintaining comfort, even as symptoms ease.


"I’m often asked why acne keeps coming back. The most common reason is stopping treatment too soon. Effective treatment and management comes simply from not ending treatment too soon.”

Mazin’s pick | Anti-Acne Face Oil
While it may seem counterintuitive to treat acne-prone skin with an oil, the right one will prove game-changing for restoring calm and clarity. Yes, acne is often caused by a build-up of sebum in the ducts, causing bacteria on the skin. Our 100% natural anti-acne oil, however, is expertly blended to overcome this. Daily use of this Bakuchiol, Prickly Pear Seed and Rosehip blend helps soothe breakouts, minimise pores and balance excess oil, reviving clearer, brighter skin.

Acne scarring

"Throughout your acne treatment, always think about minimising acne scarring. Address it as early as possible… this concern is often overlooked, yet proves just as distressing down the line.”

Mazin’s pick | Scar Oil
Packed with plant-based sources of antioxidants and anti-inflammatories, our 99% natural complex not only helps soothe acne but effectively reduces the appearance of scars. Blending Angelica, Redroot, Garden Balsam and Chinese Wolfsbane extracts, use it on your face or body to help stimulate microcirculation, boost skin regeneration and revive a brighter, more even-toned appearance.


"Traditional Chinese Medicine advises that rosacea indicates an energy imbalance in the body. Heat becomes stuck, rising as inflammation to skin’s surface. The key is applying topicals containing herbal actives that cool, calm and restore flow.”

Mazin’s pick | Rosacea Face Tincture & Rosacea Face Cream
Soothing Chinese Skullcap and organic Safflower Seed Oil; stimulating Rhubarb; brightening Vitamin C; hydrating Monnier’s Snowparsley - actives traditionally used for the synergistic treatment of rosacea. You’ll find them in our targeted tincture and cream, which is why using both topicals is a rosacea care essential. Together, they refine pores, clear toxins, soothe redness and strengthen compromised skin, improving skin softness and tone.


"There’s no quick fix for pigmentation, but you’ll fade dark spots and discoloured patches, and limit recurrence, using products with actives known to stimulate cell renewal and brighten skin tone. Natural is, of course, best - look for Bakuchiol, Vitamin C and herbal Alpha Hydroxy Acids.”

Mazin’s pick | Rejuvenating Face Oil
Our nutrient-rich, 100% natural face oil will super-boost your pigmented skin routine. Its powerful blend harnesses antioxidant Bakuchiol, a natural, non-sensitising retinol alternative, alongside Vitamin-C-rich Rosehip Oil and rejuvenating Hemp Oil. This complex sinks in fast, noticeably improving skin tone and leaving a brighter, revitalised complexion in its wake.


"There’s no ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach for sensitive skin care. Do ensure, though, that your daily routine products are free from soap, steroids, artificial colour, preservatives and petrochemicals. Also, avoid using hot water when cleansing and look for formulas that strengthen and repair your compromised skin barrier.”

Mazin’s pick | Nourishing Cream
Though already recommended for those experiencing eczema, our bestselling nourishing cream is also ideal for skin prone to sensitivity. Its rich blend of Vitamin E, Redroot, Zi Cao, Aloe Vera, Chamomile and organic Evening Primrose Oil instantly soothes tightness and irritation while also deeply replenishing signs of dryness. What’s more, it’s packed with antioxidants, helping improve skin barrier strength to prevent external factors from worsening sensitivity or triggering new reactions.

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