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Commitment not compromise | Why we manufacture our own formulas

Commitment not compromise | Why we manufacture our own formulas

Provenance. A topic of rising importance as consumers today seek to better understand a product’s origin and, with it, its quality, sustainability and ethical conduct.

Yet, when it comes to the skincare industry, one of its biggest secrets is that many brands do not create their own formulas; outsourcing everything from design and development to formulation, filling and packaging to third-party factories.

Not so at Dermatology M. From our founding days, our philosophy and approach have meant everything remains in-house; we control the whole process from field to patient. Here we take a behind-the-scenes look at our Sussex-based manufacturing facility and why this cutting-edge asset is paramount in our mission to creating authentic, results-driven skincare that protects, conditions and cares.

Those of you familiar with our brand know that, when it comes to quality and performance, we never compromise. Starting life in our founder Mazin’s kitchen in 1989, our very first topical remedies were designed, refined and handmade in small batches by him. Ingredients were researched, sourced and imported directly, jars and bottles filled, and formulas trialled and tested by the patients he saw each day in his Avicenna Clinic. Such commitment, responsiveness and control ensured our blends delivered precisely what they needed to.

Today, this ethos remains the same… though our manufacturing needs have long outgrown Mazin’s kitchen and garage. In 2006, we opened a laboratory and plant alongside our Avicenna Clinic before expanding into brand new standalone premises close-by in early 2020.

Our GMP-standard operations proudly span a herbal dispensary, laboratory, extraction facilities and manufacturing plant, while the talented team supporting Mazin comprises over a dozen specialists, including pharmacologists, botanists, cosmetic formulators and technical operatives. Yes, it’s a considerable commitment and investment, in people, plant and technology, but it ensures we remain at the forefront of formulation technology; that we are future-proof. It’s also what makes our products unique and so effective, so is a process we’d therefore rather not outsource.

Some herbs are steamed under high pressure to obtain specific concentrations, others we cook down in a vacuum to create condensed and potent extracts, or mill to extraordinarily fine levels to ensure the smoothest texture while optimising penetration into the skin and, with it, product efficacy. Alternative methods include infusion, maceration, distillation and extraction using carbon dioxide or ethanol, to preserve volatile natural elements that would be lost with more rudimentary methods. Some extraction processes even stem from Traditional Chinese Medicine. It goes without saying, therefore, that our in-house expertise is an area we take particular pride in.

Once we have the required extractions, every one of our 60 formulations is then blended under the strictest of conditions with plant-based carrier oils and butters - each one certified organic. Following this, they are quality assessed before we progress with filling, batching and labelling every bottle and jar. Such sole control over our extraction and manufacturing processes is a considerable undertaking, though it ensures we consistently reproduce high-quality results. We are unwavering in our approach to quality and performance at every step; we perform it willingly and with great passion. To do anything else would be a compromise… and, we’re sure you agree, it’s not a compromise worth making.

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