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Chronic skin conditions | The TCM approach

Chronic skin conditions | The TCM approach

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has been treating chronic skin conditions for over 3,500 years.

Unlike Western medicine, TCM investigates the mind, body and emotions of the individual rather than looking at distressed skin symptoms in isolation. 

Stress and imbalances within any of the body’s seven systems are not confined to the part of the body in which it originated. Rather, the issue travels, causing disharmony throughout the body. Skin, the largest organ in the body, is often affected.

TCM investigates and treats each chronic skin condition differently, here we explore how…

Red, hot complexions begone!

According to TCM, excessive internal heat leads to a litany of health problems. Inflammation, rosacea, and acne to name a few. Occurring when the body’s Yin and Yang are imbalanced and Qi is blocked, hot skin and irritation often flares up when the weather is hot, or life gets stressful.

TCM teaches us to nurture and encourage Yin and Qi flow through acupuncture, cupping and massage. For optimum results, these healing modalities are supported through the ingestion or topical application of specific plant remedies. Chinese Herbal actives such as Snowflower, Rosehip and Safflower Seed are renowned for soothing uncomfortable, swollen skins. 

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Adaptogens combatting acne 

Adaptogens are the ultimate plant allies. This unique type of hard-working ingredient counteracts the effects of stress, heals impaired skin barriers, and helps the body to create protection against future damage.

For centuries, adaptogens have been an integral part of TCM. Found in tea, tonics and tinctures, these intelligent actives are unparalleled in the fight against acne.

Our potent formulations combat breakouts through a blend of adaptogens. Learn more about a few of our adaptogenic bestsellers here:

Honeysuckle Cleanser – our award-winning silken facial cleanser contains Liquorice root. A harmonising adaptogen that soothes and eases dehydration and itchiness in angry, swollen skins.

Cleanse and Clear Mask – contains Scutellari, known as the “golden herb” in China. This popular ingredient is a powerful adaptogen and antioxidant. Deeply healing, anti-inflammatory and rich in flavonoids, Scutellari makes this specialised mask extremely effective at detoxing clogged pores and boosting skin vitality.

Skin Repair Face Cream – this deeply calming customer favourite alleviates inflamed, congested complexions through a combination of nourishing ingredients. Aloe vera, a subtle yet potent adaptogen cools and revives stressed skins, making it a key component of this blend.

Skin sensitivity - learn your triggers

Sometimes manifesting as eczema, psoriasis, rosacea or red, irritated skin – sensitivity is a common ailment for many. TCM expert and Dermatology M founder, Dr. Mazin, teaches us to think of skin sensitivity as a condition for life. The good news is, these conditions are entirely manageable…

Learning our triggers paired with certain diet and lifestyle changes are fantastic preventative measures. Alongside these first steps, Dr. Mazin recommends supporting your skin health, with topical herbal medicine. Our range of powerful yet gentle concoctions supports your complexion throughout the highs and lows.

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“I draw upon the best of both classic and contemporary methods, crafting effective, easy-to-use formulas that can be used solely or alongside internal medicine – speeding up the repair process and restoring skin equilibrium.”
Dr. Mazin


We at Dermatology M, are proud followers of the ancient TCM principles and love how our powerful herbal combinations provide users with the benefits of a Chinese herbal clinic at home. If precise skincare prescriptions are what you require, get in contact with our expert team here.

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