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Best body moisturisers by skin concern

Best body moisturisers by skin concern

Whether switching to summer or winter, seasonal change often comes with troublesome triggers for those suffering skin concerns, causing already sensitive or inflamed area to become further compromised. Our dermatologist-designed body moisturiser range is here to help.

Free of steroids, parabens and petrochemicals, we pack each formula with specific, active herbal extracts, hand-picked by us for their renowned calming, nourishing and cooling benefits. The result: Each product targets your unique needs, naturally soothing and softening dry, tight or irritated skin to restore comfort and suppleness. Your ideal moisture match awaits...


When the fierce itching or scales of psoriasis flare up, reach for Nourishing Psoriasis Cream. Our 100% natural blend includes White Turmeric Root Oil and organic Beeswax to deeply soothe and nourish where skin needs it most, fast.

Experiencing erythrodermic or unstable psoriasis? We recommend Unstable Psoriasis Cream. Extra gentle, yet effectively soothing and softening, it’s dermatologist designed to bring cooling relief to itchy, hot or inflamed psoriasis while boosting skin barrier strength and moisture.


When eczema flares, swiftly come to skin’s rescue with Replenishing Eczema Cream. Ideal for all types of eczema; wet or dry, its antioxidant- and anti-inflammatory-rich complex of Purslane, organic Shea Butter, Thistle and Borage Seed Oils quickly calms, balances and smooths.


Sore, tight and delicate skin needs extra-gentle care using formulas free from perfume, parabens or synthetic colour. Our no.1 pick is award-winning Ultra-Rich Vitamin E 10% Cream. Deeply concentrated and powerfully protecting, it combines Aloe, Vitamin E and Hemp to quickly soothe sensitivity, replenish lost hydration and improve barrier resilience. What’s more, as it’s fragrance-free, it’s ideal for use on infant skin as well as during pregnancy.

Our all-round, hydrating hero

Nourishing Cream is our biggest icon, bestseller and award winner for good reason. Suitable for every skin concern, it’s the ultimate body care routine booster. Pair it with your targeted topical treatments for intensive, extra conditioning and skin barrier protection - achieved via a rich blend of antioxidants, fatty acids and botanicals, including Aloe, Redroot, Vitamins A and E, plus organic Evening Primrose Oil, that help lock in moisture, comfort and strength.

Start right

Optimise the results of your skin concern topicals and moisturisers with the right choice of body wash. Like Nourishing Cream, Soothing Bath & Shower Oil is formulated to work for all skin types, including the most compromised. Ultra-mild and free of soap or perfume, it harnesses naturally soothing, plant-based cleansers to calm and condition as it cleans.

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