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5 steps for brighter-looking skin

5 steps for brighter-looking skin

Bright, even-toned skin is a top goal for many of us. However, slowing cell turnover, a build-up of dulling dead skin and seasonal or hormonal pigmentation can make achieving this feel like an uphill struggle.

Worry not, you’ve arrived at the right place. With some easy routine updates, here’s how to restore skin’s energy, smooth texture and tone, naturally and in next to no time.

Step 1 | A smoothing start

To stay supple, healthy and protected, skin secretes natural oil and follows a cycle where dead cells on skin’s outermost layer are shed. As we age, shedding slows. Dead cells linger longer, they mix with skin oils and attract dirt and pollution. The result? Dull, rough-textured skin.

Your first step to fixing this is exfoliation. We know, however, that synthetic or abrasive formulas sensitise those with skin conditions. So we created Brightening Mask. Our soothing, stimulating mask goes on smoothly and requires no scrubbing. Instead, five botanicals (blueberry, orange, lemon, sugar cane and sugar maple) deliver a non-sensitising, naturally renewing Alpha Hydroxy Acid action. In just 15 minutes, pores feel clear, texture refined and skin left noticeably brighter.

Step 2 | Target tone

Whether tackling tired, dull skin or hyperpigmentation, including Melasma, one highly effective way to stimulate cell micro-regeneration, help visibly diminish brown patches and improve clarity is following your morning and evening cleanse with Brightening Face Tincture.

100% natural, our lightweight blend combines Female Ginseng, Red Sage, Redroot and Angelica - all herbal actives with a long use in Traditional Chinese Medicine for alleviating pigmentation and boosting brightness while ensuring skin feels soothed and fresh.

Step 3 | Layer oil for skin barrier strength

The skin barrier is a key defence against environmental aggressors. Unchecked, such aggressors can trigger dark spots, discolouration and dullness. Therefore, keeping your skin barrier moisturised and resilient ensures optimal function and, with it, bright, energised skin.

We recommend a daily dose of Rejuvenating Face Oil. 100% natural, it harnesses antioxidant Bakuchiol, a natural retinol alternative, strengthening Vitamin E, plus organic Rosehip and Hemp Oils. This potent combination is designed to stimulate cell renewal, boost collagen production and improve skin strength, texture and brightness - all in one, non-greasy, pleasurable face oil.

Step 4 | Moisture magic

Using the right moisturiser makes all the difference to the results you experience… daytime and overnight.

Day | Our no.1 bestseller for skin prone to pigmentation and dullness is Rose Otto Face Cream. The added bonus? Even hypersensitive types love it. Intensely hydrating and soothing, this 99% natural award winner blends Bakuchiol, Hyaluronic Acid and organic Rose Otto and Rosehip Oils to smooth skin texture, visibly diminish redness and noticeably brighten tone.

Evening | Ensure your brightening routine continues to work hard even when you sleep by applying Overnight Brightening Moisturiser after your evening cleanse. Formulated for hyperpigmented and dull skin, it’s packed with all our hero brighteners; Bakuchiol, Vitamin C and Peony Root, to invigorate cell renewal and restore visibly brighter skin by morning.

Step 5 | Prevention over cure

Applying a broad-spectrum SPF50+ is crucial in protecting against discolouration and damage from UV rays. Protect your skin every day and make your final, daily step a sun cream.

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